General questions or comments regarding an Apprenticeship?
General questions or comments?
  • 01.16.14 Crew of Pilot Boat New York rescues sinking tug Four people needed to be rescued after a privately-owned tugboat overturned off the coast of Long Island Wednesday. Read more
  • 09.11.13 Sandy Hook Pilots respond on 9/11 The Sandy Hook Pilots volunteered the Pilot Boat New York to serve as an on-scene command post, with Coast Guard personnel onboard. Read more
  • 08.08.12 Arnold Maersk passes below Bayonne Bridge The giant container ship 'Arnold Maersk' makes an impressive pass under the Bayonne Bridge in New York. Read more
  • 06.15.11 NY Times: Entry Level - Sandy Hook Pilot Apprentice Learning to Navigate in the City’s Rough Waters Read more